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Distinguished and Famous people from Bairnsdale

Bairnsdale is a city located in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia. Over the years, it has been the birthplace of several distinguished and famous individuals. Here are some notable people who were born in Bairnsdale or have strong connections with the area:

  • Richard Charles "Dick" Adamson (1902–1980) - A politician and member of the Australian House of Representatives from 1949 to 1969, representing the electorate of Cowper.
  • Colin McKellar (1907–1976) - A politician who represented the seat of Wimmera in the Australian House of Representatives.
  • Bob Halverson (born 1938) - A former Australian politician who served as the Member for Casey in the Australian House of Representatives.


  • Lance Arnold (born 1961) - A former professional Australian rules footballer who played for the St Kilda Football Club.
  • Chloe Molloy (born 1998) - An Australian rules footballer who plays for the Collingwood Football Club in the AFL Women's competition.


  • Brian Nankervis (born 1956) - An Australian musician, writer, actor, and television presenter known for his work on shows such as "RockWiz" and "Hey Hey It's Saturday."
  • Penelope Mitchell (born 1991) - An Australian actress known for her roles in the television series "Hemlock Grove" and "The Vampire Diaries."


  • Anthony Eaton (born 1970) - An award-winning Australian author best known for his books "Into White Silence" and "Fireshadow."
  • Sarah Krasnostein (born 1980) - A writer and lawyer known for her book "The Trauma Cleaner: One Woman's Extraordinary Life in the Business of Death, Decay, and Disaster."


  • Frederick Muecke (1876–1956) - A notable architect who designed several prominent buildings in Victoria and South Australia.
  • Archbishop Philip Freier (born 1954) - The current Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, who was born in Bairnsdale.

These individuals, born in or associated with Bairnsdale, have made significant contributions to their respective fields and have left a lasting impact on Australian society.

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