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Bairnsdale Eco Green

Bairnsdale is a city in Victoria, Australia, and it is blessed with several businesses that contribute to Eco Green. Each of these businesses, irrespective of their functions, tries to play their parts in ensuring that the environment is protected and sustained for future generations. In this long article, we will categorize, list, and describe the benefits of each organization, alongside their contact details.

1. East Gippsland Water

East Gippsland Water is a water delivery company in Bairnsdale, and it has bagged countless awards for its eco-friendly initiatives. This company is committed to ensuring that the environment is sustained as it has made several efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. For instance, it has installed a solar array at its Bairnsdale headquarters that produces an average of 110 kW of electricity, which can power approximately 30 homes.

The benefits of this installation are myriad, as it reduces the company's reliance on fossil fuels, and it saves money that would have been used to pay electricity bills. Additionally, the company uses water tanks to harvest rainwater, and this water is used to water gardens and flush toilets. As a result of these initiatives, East Gippsland Water has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 51%.

Contact details: Bairnsdale Headquarters, 133 Macleod Street, Bairnsdale, VIC, 3875, Phone: (03) 5150 4444

2. Bullant Brewery

Bullant Brewery is a brewery located in Bruthen, a town in Bairnsdale. This brewery is unique in the sense that it only uses locally-sourced ingredients to brew its beers. This initiative helps in limiting the carbon footprint of the company as it reduces the distance traveled by the ingredients.

Additionally, the brewery uses solar panels to produce electricity, and it collects rainwater to clean equipment. The benefits of these initiatives are that they reduce the reliance of the brewery on the grid, and it saves money that would have been used to pay for water bills. Moreover, the brewery is committed to using eco-friendly packaging materials such as cans, reusable bottles, and cartons.

Contact details: 46 Main Street Bruthen Victoria 3885, Phone: 03 5157 1133

3. Debono Bros Logging

Debono Bros Logging is a company that engages in the logging business in Bairnsdale. This company is unique in that it practices selective logging, which involves identifying trees that are ready for harvesting and leaving the other trees to grow. This initiative helps to preserve the environment, as it reduces deforestation and maintains the ecological balance.

Moreover, the company replants trees after harvesting, and it has set aside some parts of the forest for conservation purposes. The benefits of these initiatives are numerous, as they help to protect the environment, sustain economic growth, and promote biodiversity.

Contact details: 528 Goose Gully Road, Waygara, Victoria 3888, Phone: 0418 533 192

4. Rivendell Winery

Rivendell Winery is a family-owned winery located in Sarsfield, a town in Bairnsdale. This winery is unique in that it only produces organic wines, which are made from locally-sourced grapes. This initiative helps to sustain the environment as it reduces the carbon footprint of the winery.

Moreover, the winery uses eco-friendly packaging materials such as glass bottles and cork stoppers. The benefits of these initiatives are that they help to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and waste. Additionally, it promotes eco-tourism, as tourists can visit the winery to learn more about environmentally sustainable wine production.

Contact details: 551 Metung Rd, Swan Reach, VIC, 3903, Phone: 03 5156 6200

5. East Gippsland Solar Power

East Gippsland Solar Power is a company that specializes in the installation of solar panels in Bairnsdale. This company helps to promote eco-friendliness by reducing the reliance of households and businesses on the grid. The benefits of this initiative are that it helps to reduce carbon emissions and saves money that would have been used to pay for electricity bills.

Moreover, the company provides maintenance services for the installed solar panels, and it provides free consultations to prospective clients who want to join the green revolution.

Contact details: Swift St, Bairnsdale, VIC 3875, Phone: 1300 932 728

several businesses in Bairnsdale contribute to Eco Green initiatives in different ways. These businesses help to promote environmental sustainability and economic growth. The benefits of these initiatives are numerous, as they reduce carbon emissions, promote eco-tourism, and save money. It is important to acknowledge these businesses and support them in their quest to protect the environment.

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